Monday, January 12, 2015

A Few Impressions @GWP Srinagar

Suhail sir

One of the best persons I have met(believe me I am not flattering J). I still remember the day of joining ,when I came to his cabin and introduced myself. The extraordinary warmth and I must say delight that was discernible from his demeanor stood apart from the cold glances that I had experienced outside(mostly).  Over time our warm relation moved to an intellectual plane as I found Suhail sir to be of multi verse interests complimenting his wonderfully affectionate and astute persona. Poles apart, ideologically ,yet he helped me analyze why the so called liberals or seculars think the way they do and yes I found that there is a zealot inside that liberal shell, perhaps struggling to assert itself in an environment and circle of domination. I hope that shell is a bit shaken now J

Junaid sir

A perfect example of how a believer is supposed to deal with people.” If you have any problem never hesitate to ask one person i.e Junaid sir” as the saying goes in the college J Respect

Tabasum Sir

I like his spirit , his never say die attitude. He manages a quip, a smile out of even the most troubling times and issues. None will ever tire of his company. Must mention his inspiring dawah and relief  work – a multidimensional always smiling fighter kind of a person……That fighter bit is not meant but allegorically(incase)

Illyas Sahib

I had heard of Illyas kashmiri have u? if yes this Illyas from Kashmir is an exact opposite J jokes apart, another wonderful person I met in the college, ever ready to help, discuss and innovate solutions to all kinds of problems, the go to guy for any temporal issues(well don’t try him for spiritual issues u will be ruined J). From losing my car keys to extracting(and tempering J) attendance database he was always there to help me. Yet we used to be at each other’s throat as soon as Syria or Iran entered our realm. J

Nasir sir

He is a bureaucrat, a singer ,an educationist, a mathematician; what else above all he is a wonderful human being as young as ever. What I enjoy the most is when he talks about the past it is so eloquent that I feel enamored. When u discuss things with him he makes you feel so comfortable that it becomes hard to discern where he agrees and where he disagrees


A real fighter ,a man who has some real entrepreneurial talent. He has a multidimensional personality living a full life besides delving into social work. Yet can be a little bit overbearing at times

Nehvi The Great

I have not seen any one like him in my life. Be aware of him was the universal advice I got about him almost always but somehow I gave him a fair bit of trust. He is a self less person, does every task diligently even those tasks that he is not supposed to do. For example he is the only “cricketer”  from a batting side I have seen helping the fielding side retrieving the ball from the boundary more diligently than their own fielders.


Adab sahab

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